Estate Administration

Common Forms and Their Definition

Application for Informal Appointment of Personal Representative

To start an informal probate case, the person asking to be appointed the personal representative files an Application with the court along with the filing fee and a civil cover sheet.

Statement of Informal Appointment of Personal Representative

The Statement of Informal Probate is the document the court uses to approve the appointment of the applicant as the personal representative of the estate

Acceptance of Appointment as Personal Representative

This documents states that the court has appointed a personal representative for the estate, and it is accepted.

Letters of Administration

A document issued by the probate registry. This allows someone to act as the administrator of an estate after someone has died.

Affidavit for Small Estate Matters

If probate is not required by law, it may be possible to collect personal property (such as money in a bank account) using a small estate affidavit. In Utah, a small estate affidavit is not filed with the courts. Instead, the decedent's successor fills out the form, signs it before a notary, and gives it to any third parties, such as the bank

Waiver of Notice

Interested persons must complete and sign a Waiver of Notice form to indicate their approval of the personal representative.